Alex Black, PGA

Director of Instruction
Superstition Springs Golf Club

Welcome to Alex Black Golf. Alex Black, a certified PGA Instructor located at Superstition Springs Golf Club is dedicated to promoting the game of golf. Here you can learn more about my teaching philosophy, current lesson availably as well as my offered group clinics.

I conduct various types of lesson to beginners as well as low handicap golfers, anything from a 15 minute tune-up to video recorded/video analysis golf lessons.

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Rolling Your Wrist

The Course: Superstition Springs

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What my students want to fix within the first 3 lessons

Slice/Hook 85%
More Distance 55%
Grip 30%
Putting 20%

Common areas of instruction:

      • Proper alignment, stance and grip
      • Back swing and follow through mechanics
      • Fix hook, slice, and push
      • How to hit a draw and fade
      • Sand traps, pitching, chipping and putting
      • Situational decisions and philosophy

Our Happy Clients

"Dear Seth Hey Seth, Dave Schomaker here. I’m sure you already know this, but Superstition Springs is very lucky to have Alex Black on its staff. He is a very gifted instructor and even more importantly, a quality person. He has helped me with my game and taken the time to really try to help me. I’ve had a lot of instructors that are willing to take the money but put very little effort into the teaching aspect. I’ve gotten to know him a little bit and watch how in interacts with all the different guests. He really relates to al the golfers based on listening to them, no matter what shape their golf game is in. I just really appreciate the fact that he takes the time to text me if he finds a video that could help me, or takes 5 minutes out of his day for a quick tip. I cannot say enough about the positive changes that you have made since you have taken over as general manager. I think the greatest of those is giving Alex an opportunity to teach and to also bring a really positive attitude into the way he conducts his profession. Once again Seth, thank you for another successful change at Superstition springs."
Dave Schomaker